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This is an example of a stream post with its own Thread. You can post longform thought streams with the Thread feature to break up your thoughts and make your content more digestible.

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This is Part 2 of the Thread Example, and attaching a Thread to any Stream status is done easily from the post editor.

You have all of the same controls on threads as you do with a main status, including the post ID and featured image controls. For example, this thread item has its own unique photo.

You can share posts from other post types that support the Stream in your statuses. For example, I have attached a book to this post from the Bookshelf.

Atlas Shrugged

When you find a book that was written for you, you go all the way in. I'm slightly over half way finished with this book and will write some posts about it one day.

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Use your imagination when creating stream posts as they can be used for anything! Document your own personal journey through something, share news stories as they develop, and even add status updates to a story hours or days after the fact.

The Stream adds a great social media presence to your website and a familiar feature like Threads are sure to make for a great read.

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