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The Stream Demo

This is what the Stream looks like out of the box in Marketers Delight. Activate it from the Features Manager, customize a few settings, and begin publishing your own thoughts stream!

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The Stream is like your websites very own social media platform. You can post status updates and Threads, but the really cool part is you can share your own posts from any supported post types.

For example, check out this book I am currently reading fresh off my Bookshelf:

Skin in the Game

Skin in The Game

The basic idea of having Skin in the Game is that you have a personal investment tied to the outcome of an opinion, a business, and decisions over others; that if you are to make decisions that affect others, you are best and most fairly suited to do so where the results directly impact you.

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Thread Example

This is an example of a stream post with its own Thread. You can post longform thought streams with the Thread feature to break up your thoughts and make your content more digestible.

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