Integrate Email Forms Services, Google Analytics, Typekit, and Other Web Services

Your website does not exist on its own island, it is within reach of the entire Internet and many helpful 3rd party services out there. To connect your site to these services can often be a tricky and expensive task, and MD’s Integrations panel exists as the bridge to getting that 3rd party site data safely and quickly to your site.

From popular email services like AWeber, MailChimp, and ConvertKit to useful web tools like Google Analytics and Typekit, use the Pro Integrations panel to add, manage, and refresh important 3rd party features on your site.

Embedding content from other sites can often add a performance hit that slows down your website’s performance and the Pro Integrations panel was created to combat this by serving 3rd party data only when needed.

The Pro Integrations panel is even used to house all of the custom settings needed to support and benefit other WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, and even add an optional YouTube connection for the Video Gallery Dropin.

From a slickly designed interface to smart data handling, the MD Integrations panel makes it extremely easy to add your favorite web services to your site which can turn your site from a boring static website to a highly functional and engaging website.

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