Add Code-Free Email Signup Forms Throughout Your Website

MD supports AWeber, MailChimp, ConvertKit, and more

The first major problem Marketers Delight ever solved was embedding code-free email forms onto your website. From quickly adding signup forms after posts, to exit intent popups, and even inline within your posts, MD makes putting your signup forms exactly where you need them easy.

From the Integrations panel you simply need to connect your email form service to your website. This is done by following the MD connection wizard and getting the proper authorization codes from your email service and using those to securely connect to your website.

After just a few clicks, MD will import only the relevant data from your accounts and save it to your website and you will then be able to select which email signup forms you want to use from simple select fields throughout the WP admin.

MD currently connects to the following email services:

  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Drip
  • Custom HTML Forms

More services are in the works, and thanks to the Pro Integrations panel you can connect to multiple email services at once! This is great for power users who use multiple email services to host large and legacy email lists.

In addition to these great integrations, MD also provides various ways to embed email forms that ensure you will be able to place your email signup forms anywhere on your WordPress site:

  • Email Form Widget
  • Email Form Shortcode
  • Email Form Gutenberg Block
  • Template functions
  • Integration into admin settings


You can manage your email service connection from the Pro Integrations panel and refresh your data along the way as you add or remove email lists from your accounts. Even see subscriber counts from your connection source:

Pro integrations panel

From there you can go to the MD > Email Forms tab to set the default email form which will be used as a fallback to any other email forms you set from other areas of your site.

This page offers simple admin settings where you can add text labels, adjust design settings, and configure other aspects of your email form. You can even automatically add this email form after all posts from this screen:

MD default email form settings

The Email form widget also provides similar features and can be dragged into any widget area, including your sidebar and footer. Use MD’s custom sidebars feature to create many widget areas and customize each one with its own email form to best match the context of that page:

Email signup form widget

Moving into your post editor, you can even add and design beautiful email signup forms within your posts with the Email Form Block. Use the powerful Gutenberg system to visually place an email signup form and choose the email list of your choice to place an email signup for offer at just the right time:

Email signup form

Finally, the email form shortcode and template function is used for anywhere else you want to place email signup forms. The [md_email] shortcode accepts the following attributes:

  • title=”” — Set the title attribute to adjust the headline that shows at the beginning of your form.
  • desc=”” — Use this to describe more about your newsletter here.
  • bg_color=”” — Set a background color using a color code.
  • bg_image=”” Set a background image to any URL.
  • attached=”” — If set to 1, the email fields and submit button will attach to each other. If set to 0, each field will show on its own line.
  • submit_text=”” Change the submit button text.
  • text_color=”” — Set to white for white text, set to dark for dark text. You can write your own CSS class for this as well if you want a custom text color. Any value you enter here will be prefixed as a CSS class like text-{text_color}.
  • classes=”” — Add any custom classes to the email form for more customization.

Similarly the md_email_form() function accepts many parameters and is the function used to output every email form from every mechanism shown above.

md_email_form( array(
	'email_service' => '',
	'email_list' => '',
	'email_code' => '',
	'email_title' => '',
	'email_desc' => '',
	'email_input' => array(
		'name' => ''
	'email_name_label' => '',
	'email_email_label' => '',
	'email_submit_text' => '',
	'email_image' => '',
	'email_form_style' => array(
		'attached' => ''
	'email_form_title' => '',
	'email_form_footer' => '',
	'email_bg_color' => '',
	'email_text_color' => '',
	'email_image' => '',
	'email_submit_classes' => '',
	'email_classes' => ''
) );

Welcome to the MD demo site!

You are viewing the most basic example of MD's out of the box features. Once you install MD you will have full access to many design, optins, integrations, and other features.