Add Smart Custom Sidebars To Your Site With the MD Sidebars Manager

A well-designed sidebar can be the perfect complement to your highly engaging pieces of content, and the MD Custom Sidebars Manager makes fitting the right sidebar to any page easy.

MD Custom Sidebars Manager

Marketers Delight adds a new tab to the Widgets panel named “Edit Sidebars” that offers a smooth dropdown menu where you can add, remove, and set custom sidebars easily across the post types in your WordPress installation.

After you create and name your custom sidebars and press save, the page will refresh with your new Widget area created down below.

Once your custom sidebars are created you can easily assign them to any post, page, or category throughout your website. From the Edit Sidebars tab you can even set sidebars on archive and single pages sitewide according to any custom post type MD sidebars is assigned to.

On an individual page basis you can assign a custom sidebar from the Layout Options meta box in the post editor:

…and even more powerfully, set custom sidebars on posts on a per category basis from the Edit Category settings:

MD Custom Sidebars is a powerfully simple feature you can use to greatly enhance the quality of content on your blog posts, information pages, and custom post type pages.

This feature is built-in to Marketers Delight and requires no extra steps to add to your site.

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