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Marketers Delight is built as a single system to unleash powerful functionality throughout your website. By using MD you will be able to use popular features like share buttons, popups, email form integrations, and more without installing any extra plugins.

Feature #1: Live Preview Design and Smart Typography Controls

Use the WordPress Customizer to access the MD Site Design panel and design the foundation of your website. From the simple design panels you can completely change the Fonts, Brand Colors, Featured Image layout, and other design options with the speed of live preview.

A powerful mantra of MD is to do more with less and MD’s smart typography system is one of the best examples of this.

For example, have you ever tried changing font sizes on other Themes?

As soon as you increase the font size, for example, you will then want to add more spacing between paragraphs, and most likely add more line height.

Now all of a sudden your text doesn’t fit well inside the content box, so now you need to make the content box wider…

But that doesn’t leave space for your sidebar, so you have to make your entire site wider.

All because you wanted to make the font in your content box larger.

Marketers Delight recognizes that the foundation of your website’s design rests on your words and builds out from there.

That’s why all you need to do is tell MD how large you want your main font size to be, and MD will recalculate the widths and spacing of your entire layout to best support that font size!

This and many other smart design decisions are done without you ever having to think about them.

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Feature #2: Embed Email Forms Around Your Site Without Code

Marketers Delight was founded on the idea of making it easier to embed email forms on your site, and its email functionality has only gotten better over the years.

With seamless integration with major email services you will never have to mess around with clunky email form codes—unless you want to use the custom HTML feature—and that makes embedding email forms anywhere on your site a breeze!

Add email forms after all of your posts, embed them inside your posts with the MD email shortcode or Gutenberg Block, or use the Email Widget for everywhere else.

No theme makes it this easy to place email signup forms around your site, and email forms are further integrated into MD’s other power features like Popups, and even the Share button!

Feature #3: Integrate With Your Favorite 3rd Party Web Services

Integrate your website with email forms, Google Analytics, TypeKit, and more.

Speaking of embedding email forms, MD has a powerful Integrations panel where you can connect your site to all kinds of third party web services!

As of writing the integrations are mostly email services like MailChimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, and more, but also has a Typekit (Adobe Fonts) and Google Analytics direct integration.

By connecting to these 3rd parties you can use MD’s highly efficient data collection system to get the features of your favorite web services on your site.

MD uses your email form connections to power all of its email features, and the MD Site Designer can be greatly improved by connecting your Typekit account to your site. Want to add Google Analytics? Forget a tracking code or 3rd party plugin—let MD handle that for you!

New integrations are always in the works, and if you are ever instructed to connect your site to a 3rd party service in MD, the Integrations panel is the place to do it.

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Feature #4: Deep Integration With the WordPress Blocks Editor

The “Gutenberg” Blocks editor is a relatively new feature in WordPress, and Marketers Delight helps make your transition to the new editor easier by adding some useful and familiar features to the editor.

First, the goal of the Blocks Editor is to give you a live preview of your content as you are writing it, so MD makes sure to blend the same fonts and typography selections from the Site Designer into the editor.

That means when you design your actual website from the Site Designer you are also designing how your writing experience looks like in the Blocks Editor, which again meets MD’s very simple mantra:

Do more with less!

In addition to typography preview, MD also adds its own powerful Blocks that help make your writing more effective.

Use the Email Form, Content Upgrade, Callout, and Floating Arrow Blocks to add well-designed call-to-actions into your posts and edit them with a perfect visual preview before publishing them.

With MD and Gutenberg, you get one of the best visual writing experiences on the web, and that will only get better as each platform continues to mature.

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Feature #5: There’s Always Something new With Amazing Theme Updates

Few, if any themes get the caliber of exciting updates and development that Marketers Delight does. Since 2015 MD has had nearly 100 new releases all ranging from large updates to small security and bug fixes.

Part of growing your site is getting better features, and MD has added most of the power features you just read in an update at some point in time. All updates are tested thoroughly to ensure safe delivery to your site, and as MD has evolved over the years, its updates have gotten bigger and safer.

You can be sure that Marketers Delight will not get abandoned as many themes do and its next big game-changing feature is always being worked on.

New releases are delivered through the one-click updater system and are sent to all of your sites that have an active license key.

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Marketers Delight Adds the Missing Features of WordPress!

This page exists to show you MD’s top features, but in truth there are many features big and small that MD neatly adds to enhance the WordPress interface and expand its out of the box functionality.

Here is a list of other great features in Marketers Delight:

  • Featured Images: you can set the position and style of your post’s featured image to many different positions including above/below headline, center, left, or right, and even more creative positions like full-width below the header and even set as the background header image.
  • Layout Options: Instead of page templates you can choose which default elements you want to remove from each post or page with the Layout Options meta box. Quickly turn any page into a landing page by removing the logo, menu, and footer columns from a few clicks from the post editor.
  • Scripts Manager: Add any extra scripts and styles globally across your site or to individual posts, pages, and categories with MD’s simple Tracking Scripts manager. As of MD4.9.4, the Tracking Scripts manager will also detect certain Plugin scripts on a page and give you the option to remove them from any page if they are not needed for an extra performance boost!
  • Custom Sidebars: Create and assign custom sidebars across posts, pages, and categories from MD’s brilliantly simple Pro Sidebars manager. Create custom sidebars from the Widgets screen and assign them globally or on individual page basis. You can even get as advanced as assigning a custom sidebar to all posts in a specific category.
  • Performance Optimization: MD loads its custom scripts and styles in a highly efficient way and only loads one CSS and JS file to power its wide range of features—no jQuery required! MD also cleans up WordPress by removing the unneeded junk from the header of your site, and gives you further CSS and scripts management from the Settings panel.
  • Child Theme Customization: MD is built on top of WordPress’ Theme Principles and utilizes the child theme template and hooks system to make adding your own customizations easy and free from the parent theme. There are tutorials and guides written to help developers get the most out of MD’s versatile design system, including how to use MD’s own custom APIs to make WordPress development better.
  • Dropins: There are many features of MD not listed on this page that are known as Dropins, many of which are built-in to MD core and some offered as free and optional downloads. Learn more about Dropins here.

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