Add and Optimize Plugin Scripts With the Scripts Manager

Marketers Delight treats your website’s performance and sustainability as the highest priority. Part of that focus is giving you the ability to add your own custom tracking scripts to the header and footer of your site where needed and the ability to optimize your Plugins scripts and styles on specific pages.

Site Performance Tools

In addition to MD’s aggressive stance on performance, you can also use the Site Performance panel to further remove WordPress legacy code and optimize your stylesheets.

To take this insane attention of detail to the next step, you can visit the Features Manager to enable and disable parts of Marketers Delight you don’t want to use on your website.

Removing a feature disables it in every aspect of your site and doesn’t leave a trace behind on both the frontend and admin. That means your site won’t load any code it doesn’t need to—including CSS and JavaScript.

Tracking Scripts Manager

From the same set of options you can also add sitewide Header and Footer scripts to your website pages. If you have third party embed codes for tools like chat boxes, tracking apps, and other kinds of scripts this is the best place to put them without installing a Plugin.

You can also add scripts to individual posts, pages, and categories from the post editor with the same styles of meta boxes:

One of the best and upcoming features of the MD Scripts Manager is the ability to optimize scripts and styles of any supported Plugins in the new Scripts Optimization section.

As of MD4.9.4 only WooCommerce is supported, but see how easy it is to remove all WooCommerce scripts and styles from any page in just a click:

Why is this helpful?

The process of removing Plugin scripts is not always straightforward as they are needed on some pages but not others. The best solution that can come from that is the ability to remove those scripts on a page by page basis.

For instance, landing pages that have buy buttons but not necessarily other eCommerce or contact forms features on it won’t want to load those scripts for the sake of best performance.

So with a click of a button, you can make your important sales page faster by removing those Plugins from the entire page.

There is a simple filter built in to the Scripts Optimization feature that allow you to add Plugins not yet supported by the feature and tutorials for that will be over on the main Marketers Delight website.

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