Supercharge Your Website With MD Dropins

Dropins are higher level features built into Marketers Delight that often replace the need for extra Plugins.

All Dropins are built with MD’s internal APIs and template systems making them higher performing and more integrated with each other than typical Plugins. Dropins can be disabled from the Features Manager depending on each of your site’s needs.

The biggest reason Marketers Delight is able to offer such rich functionality and still load lightning fast is because of how integrated each feature is within the MD design system.

All Dropins load their scripts and styles from a single, optimized CSS or JS file and reuse core components that make up MD’s base features, which mean far less code is needed to load each page on your website.

Since Dropins are built into MD, they often receive updates with new and improved functionality or tighter integration within other Dropins to further extend the usefulness of each feature.

Explore MD’s built-in Dropins below, and check out the free Dropins library from the main MD site that you can add to your child theme for even more features.

Create Exit Intent, Show on Delay, and Custom Designed Popup Offers

MD Popups is a powerful popups builder that lets you build custom popup offers from the WordPress Customizer. With simple admin text and design controls, email form integrations, and a custom template system you can build versatile popup offers and easily place them throughout your website with smart triggers.

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Add Lightweight Share Buttons With a Like Button to Any Post

MD Share for WordPress

Share buttons can help generate traffic to your website and MD Pro Share is designed to do just that! Add share buttons from a variety of services to your site and choose from various positions to best fit them to your site’s design.

MD Share even comes with a Like button that adds an entirely new dimension of engagement to your posts and gives the silent members of your audience a chance to give feedback in just a click.

You can configure where your share buttons show throughout your site with post type controls and even disable/enable them on an individual page basis.

MD Share buttons are extremely lightweight and will not slow down your website like more advanced share plugins will, and are beautifully designed to add a nice touch to your posts.

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The Best Footnotes Manager for WordPress

At the heart of MD is a love for writing, and MD Footnotes is an ode to the best of writers who need a simple system for sourcing their words.

With a simple meta box beneath the post editor you can create as many footnotes for your post as you need and use a simple shortcode to output them in your post content.

On the frontend your footnotes will cleanly show as numbers within your post, and if your layout supports it, will show the full text in the gutters of your content box.

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Add a Familiarly New Kind of Blogging to Your Site With the Stream

The MD Stream

The Stream is a unique feature of Marketers Delight that adds a micro-blogging template to your site. Here you can write quick thoughts or extended Threads with a social media like feel that will get your audience engaged.

MD is made for writing, but keeping your audience coming back to your site for more while in-between writing your longer articles can be tough, so the Stream acts as the happy medium that let’s you keep publishing quick content and keeping your site in your readers’ minds.

The Stream uses MD Share to output simple share buttons, including a Like button which is extremely fun to use for both yourself and your readers.

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Share Your Favorite Books With the Bookshelf

A section that can benefit any website is a recommended reading list, and The Bookshelf is designed to help you quite literally add your own bookshelf to your website!

Use The Bookshelf to create a beautiful gallery page with your favorite books and post full book reviews with affiliate links to help your readers find the same content as you.

Use the book widget and shortcode to embed select books in other posts, and enjoy updating your website each time you finish reading a new book.

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Use Only the Features You Want With the MD Features Manager

Not every Dropin listed on this page may be useful for each site you make, so that’s why each Dropin has been carefully designed to be enabled and disabled if needed to help keep your site clean.

As each Dropin requires its own custom CSS and JS, turning off a feature you don’t need can actually help your site’s performance by removing any traces of those Dropins resources.

Some Dropins rely on others for extended functionality—like the Stream uses MD Share for the Like button—so disabling some features may disable pieces of other features, but the Features Manager ensures your site will remain functional even if this is the case.

Use the Features manager to further mold MD to each site you build and keep the frontend and backend of your websites as clean as possible.

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