Marketers Delight is built to be the last theme you ever use. 1 1. It's time to take back control of WordPress. × Avoid many slow Plugins and install MD’s rich feature base of powerful writing tools, content marketing features, and a rich ecosystem of resources to extend your website even further.

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Marketers Delight is the all-in-one solution for writers and bloggers. Packed with features designed to make your content more engaging, MD makes getting results from your online presence a true delight:

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Welcome to the MD demo site!

Alex mangini

I’m Alex, the creator of Marketers Delight and this website is an example of the most basic site you can create with all of MD’s power features and integrations

That means: no child theme coding needed (but always recommended), all with the great features of Marketers Delight.

Since 2015 Marketers Delight has grown as a smart theme system that brings out the best of WordPress and transforms your website into a smarter content and design manager.

Built to last and evolve alongside your business, MD is always getting new features and improvements. 2 2. New one-click updates are sent to your sites that have an active license key. × New updates released monthly and plenty of new content is created at, all to help you maximize your site’s potential.

At the core Marketers Delight is the content design system built for people who have something to say, and even sell.

Use rich writing tools like custom blocks editing and footnotes with a scalable typography system to create effective sales pages.

Lock in subscribers with newsletter signup forms and take you offers to a more captivating level with the popups designer. set up an online store easily with.

Create a customized online store in record time with MD’s built-in ecommerce integrations, and connect your website with your favorite web services and tracking scripts with the Pro Integrations panel.

Creating new content can be time consuming and clashing with other themes and a bunch of Plugins can be a waste of time.

It’s time a theme was developed to advance your online strategy, not just to be a box of pretty tools.

That theme is Marketers Delight.

See MD, doesn’t only support your current strategy—it helps you create one.

With content-driven tools 3 3. Yes, these great tools are built-in to MD and can be activated from the Features Manager. × like the Stream, Bookshelf, and Videos Gallery you can quickly create custom pages around highly specific forms of content.

MD’s content features are designed to be more fun and engaging for your audience so they keep coming back to check your website.

These tools are even a joy to use and are designed to get out of your way and publish beautifully to make you want to use your website!

Even take the Like button as an example of a tool that makes your site fun to use—and familiarly use—for everybody (that means you too, site owner!).

Look, I’ve been building Marketers Delight in many forms since well before 2015 and I have seen the development of the web grow in many ways that are great, and others not so great.

MD’s development and design principle is to keep things as simple as possible and do more with less.

By using the established, open source, and highly customizable WordPress, building a website platform that you own has never been easier.

I emphasize the fact that you must own your website in the modern web. Renting your site to mainstream services like Squarespace or Wix don’t get you the true ownership you need of your data in an increasingly polarizes web.

Instead of selling out your content strategy and data ownership, build your online business on a platform that you actually own, and the WordPress Theme that helps you maximize your reach like MARKETERS DELIGHT.

See the full features of Marketers Delight and start build your online platform today:


  1. It's time to take back control of WordPress.
  2. New one-click updates are sent to your sites that have an active license key.
  3. Yes, these great tools are built-in to MD and can be activated from the Features Manager.

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Welcome to the MD demo site!

You are viewing the most basic example of MD's out of the box features. Once you install MD you will have full access to many design, optins, integrations, and other features.